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You choose the design, the shape, the colour and the texture and we’ll do the rest. From popular Shaker and traditional panelled styles to high gloss soft-touch closing options, our range offers you complete flexibility to bring your ideal kitchen to life.

Once you’ve made your choices (and we’ll be on hand to help guide you through the process making it a hugely enjoyable experience) we then produce a fully bespoke door and drawer front that meets your needs exactly. Using the latest technologies combined with local craftsmanship (all our doors are made here in the UK), not only is your door a work of art, but it’s also guaranteed for 6 years.

Taking it further we take your preferences and apply the same colour, texture and finish to all those other elements that make your kitchen complete – from cornices and pelmets to end panels and kick boards

If you’ve seen a particular door that you love elsewhere then we can also work with you to reproduce the look and quality without having to budget for a whole new fitted kitchen.

And if you’re working to a tight budget and are less interested in matching cornices and pelmets then we also have a range of bespoke doors for you to choose from.

If you’re a keen DIYer, and it’s just the doors you are looking for, then we are also happy to help.


A quality worktop provides the centrepiece to your kitchen. At The Kitchen Refurbishment Company, our good name over 30 years allows us the choice of the market when it comes to sourcing and fitting the worktop that works for you.

Unlike well-known kitchen businesses who may be restricted to using a single manufacturer – your options with us are endless. Again, we work with you to find the right material, colour and finish to produce a bespoke worktop that can be expertly fitted by our experienced craftsmen.

The majority of our projects use one of three materials: Solid Wood, Laminate or Composite Quartz.

Solid Wood Worktops

Offering huge versatility, a solid wood worktop can offer that rustic farmhouse warmth or an elegant minimalist cool depending on how we work with it. Whatever the look you desire, you can be sure of a wide range of options and treatments.

Our customers tell us that they love the warmth that wood provides and the individuality of the grain and finish – they say that no two pieces of wood are the same. They like the natural qualities, the fact that while hardwearing and naturally antibacterial, any blemishes over time can be easily sanded out and re-oiled.

We completely agree. We help make a solid wood worktop really work for your kitchen by bringing our care and craftsmanship to a material which will only improve with age. For example we ensure that your sink area works perfectly, undermounting if that’s the look you want, or providing drainer grooves to get that traditional look and feel. And of course because of wood’s natural waterproof properties the water will stay where you need it.

All of our wood products are pre-oiled for immediate use and can be supplemented with a full range of products like splashbacks, upstands and window sills.

Laminate Worktops

Offering a fantastic range of finishes for all budgets, the latest technologies mean that laminate worktops offer complete versatility and durability too. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy worktop to be fitted or something more design-led – an island or breakfast bar for example – we can bring your kitchen to life with this cost-effective option.

With no compromising on quality, despite the price tag, our laminate worktops offer durability, water and heat resistance and will look good year after year. They’re simple to fit, family friendly and come in a huge range of textures and finishes – from polished high gloss, to marble and ceramic, and of course realistic wood finishes complete with graining.

new worktops and sink installation
New kitchen worktops and kitchen doors

Composite Quartz

If you’re looking for a stunning finish, with both durability and versatility then look no further than a quartz composite worktop. With all the aesthetic advantages of a natural stone, with none of the demands (such as yearly sealing) our quartz worktops come in a range of finishes and are expertly fitted, with seamless jointing by our craftsmen.

Quartz composite worktops are engineered by combining natural quartz with a small proportion of acrylic. It is the engineering that allows for so many different effects with the addition of colour alongside materials such as glass or mirrored chips to produce the natural sparkle or speckled appearance.

These surfaces are hard-wearing, heat-resistant and, with addition of the resin, non-porous making them easy to care for. It’s no surprise that while at the higher end of the price option, quartz has become a firm favourite with many of our customers.

New kitchen worktops and kitchen doors

Colours & Finishes

We have thousands of colour options for your kitchen doors and a whole variety of finishes and textures too. The same goes for our worktops where there is an extensive range of colours to choses from across our three main worktop materials.

We also pride ourselves on our service and part of this to ensure that the colours that you choose not compliment each other but also work with the available light within your home. This is why, when working with us, we look to bring colour samples and materials into the space you are refurbishing to see exactly what it may look like in real life.

Bella Range of Colours for Kitchen Doors and Units
Firbeck range of colours for kitchen doors and units
Valore range of colours for kitchen doors and units
Newly restored kitchen doors


We are so much more than doors and worktops, offering a complete service to give you the kitchen that you’ve set your heart on.

Traditional kitchen furniture finishes – from pelmets and cornices, to splashbacks and end panels are all taken care of and are produced alongside your doors in exactly the same finish and quality. Worktops are fitted to your exact specifications, with bespoke work, such as grooved drainers, all possible.

Additional elements such as window sills and extractors, lighting and details such as handles and hinges are all part of the service (if needed).

Newly restored kitchen doors

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